I don't know what happened, but sound stopped working for me today.

This is a fresh install of Fedora 30 workstation. I had issues with Wayland/X and my nvidia card. I couldn't get past the login screen. Screen would go black and hang. I followed a HowTo on installing the proprietary nvidia driver, something I've done many times in the past. It didn't work. I ended up uninstalling what I did, driver wise, and tried the rpmfusion rpm's. That has never worked in the past for me, but today it worked to my amazement. The only downside being forced to use X instead of Wayland.

Everything was fine and then the sound stopped working. In Chrome I couldn't get correct sound. It was crackling, and then stopping. Sometimes it would play sound for a few seconds and then stop altogether.

I don't know how to troubleshoot this. I would appreciate some help.

I have main stream hardware...intel i7, nvidia gtx 1070. Although, it's a laptop.

The only things I've changed today were...
1) BIOS - disabled secure boot to get nvidia driver working.
2) updated some software, but not a lot.
3) installed WINE, which installed a lot of software due to dependencies. Tried to install ONE application, MagicTG:Arena, which required installing multiple versions of Microsoft .net software. In the end, didn't work.

Sound was working perfectly for a few days. That was without me using X though. I was using Wayland and didn't release it. However, I assume in both cases I'm using PulseAudio so I don't know how much that matters.

I installed Pavucontrol. App works, shows activity, but either nothing comes out of the speakers or horrible crackling noise. Tried muting the streams, unmuting. Played with adding and subtracting delay to no avail. Tried different profiles.

Hardware works fine in Windows 10, dual boot setup.

Anyone got an idea how to troubleshoot this?