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    New user has desktop problem


    I installed Fedora 30 xfce with the livecd. Then, I logon into my new fedora 30 xfce install using root account. Then, I created a new user account named Joel with the GUI so I can access Fedora 30 without using root account.
    Then I tried to logon with the login GUI provided. I was able to select the Joel account and connect with my password. When I clicked OK, the login window dissipated which is normal so the desktop can appear with the xfce button bars. However, nothing appeared even if I waited 10 mins. There was only the wallpaper, nothing else.

    Thank you!

    Joel Lapointe

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    Re: New user has desktop problem

    You need some command line sessions to troubleshoot this issue.

    First, try login from console (press Ctrl+Alt+F2 key combination to get to console mode, Alt+F1 to get back to GUI).
    Then look at the file ~/.xsession-errors. You could also check if you have permission to read and write in your home directory.

    If nothing else, try deleting the directory ~/.config/xfce4. Be warned, you will lose all you configurations, but I'm guessing this is your first time login, so you won't be losing much.

    Also make sure you selected Xfce4 in your GUI login (select the icon on the top right corner). I find that sometimes it reverts back to Gnome when you move away from username box, but once you login, this doesn't happen.

    Another thing to do is to update regularly (in command line using dnf update for now since you said you can't login to GUI) since the first couple of months a new release seems a little rough on the edge.

    Next time, instead of GUI login as root, create a user during anaconda installation where it gives an option to do that at the beginning of installation, which is much safer than login as root into GUI. Unless I'm mistaken and LiveCD install doesn't give you that option.

    I find that Fedora 30 is not as rough as previous releases, but it seems to have a little more annoying hiccups with easy workarounds, most probably because it has a lot of major updates compared to previous ones. I like it better than Fedora 29.

    Good luck.

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