Not everyone will agree with my write up. My background is with years of Fedora use. I am partial to Fedora and to SUSE Tumbleweed.
So, here goes....

I began my use of Fedora 30 with a late beta version and Gnome.
My experience has been good and not so good.
The good part outweighs the not so good part.
The Good

Gnome is more performing, and quite complete. Everything that Gnome distributed with the Live ISO worked.

Mostly Good

With the network (workspace) installer, many group packages (for audio, design, or other) were incomplete, meaning that dnf would balk at doing an installation.
Not so Good

I should not have to install gnome-tweak-tool. It should be tightly integrated with Gnome.
Not Good

My old extensions that worked with Fedora 27, 28, and 29, currently work with
Most do not work anymore with Fedora 30.

Not withstanding many broken extensions, many others were updated. More positively, the following have become my Fedora 30 active extensions:
caffeine, Desktop Icons, Freon, Frippery bottom panel,
Frippery panel favorites, Internet Radio, Launch New Instance,
Openweather, Screenshot Window sizer, Sommafm internet radio,
Topicons Plus, and Cpufreq

Gnome without the tweaktool is to not be able to customize Gnome, particularly for important features such as appearance, gnome extensions, and other features.


What I also noted was some anaconda improvements.
I have 6 disks with 6 distributions, anaconda was fast to do the scan
and prepare me to click the [begin]

The guest distrib interfaces


KDE works quite well. A few days of updates and I noted that it was functioning as good as a version I used with Manjaro.


Deepin Desktop Environment
Deepin Desktop Applications
Media packages for Deepin Desktop
Deepin Desktop Office
I tested this distribution for over a week. If Deepin can polish what they offer and provide missing functionality, (there was no facility to install a printer).
and if some features are optimized, many users will find Deepin to be a more favorable alternative to Gnome.


To do the Pantheon installation perform
dnf group list hidden
and look for Pantheon Desktop.

Pantheon is the elementry OS interface. This interface does not allow for much tweaking. What I did like was the ability to choose shades of coloring.
My 5 year old ASUS terminal has issues displaying some middle blue colors (it may also be my eyes). The ability to change the hues is a great feature.

Since I have some years of KDE and Gnome, my feelings about Pantheon are that it is a very good interface, but my judgement is premature. I only used it for a few hours. Others who come from a Pantheon background would be better suited to discuss this interface.


Congratulations to all the people who participated in bringing Fedora 30 to the public, Thank you!!! Thank you, Thank you!!!