Wi-Fi - Realtek 8822b - Need new rtw88 kernel module
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    Wi-Fi - Realtek 8822b - Need new rtw88 kernel module

    Dear all!

    Hello, I am new in this forum since I have a question related to the wlan kernel module.

    Background: I bought a new laptop (HP ProBook 430 G6) just to find out how fedora feels to me on a small notebook. Unfortunately, I cannot get wlan working for me. After some investigation I found out that the needed firmware (rtw88/rtw8822b_fw.bin) is present but it will not be loaded.

    Does someone know how to get it loaded? When will a new kernel be ready with the new module? - I am not the only one with exact the same trouble

    AddOn: The current loaded driver is funny. I can setup a hotspot and other machines can use that hotspot. But the same driver cannot connect to my router. It drops the connection after established in a loop.

    New Results: I created a new wlan on my Apple Time Capsule and... My notebook is connecting to that wlan! That means that my router is not doing the job for my. I checked the firmware of the router and the router found an update. After update of my router my the notebook is connecting to that network too

    Conclusion: The error was sitting before the new notebook - Typical layer 8 error
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