Opinions about nextcloud used through provider
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    Opinions about nextcloud used through provider


    I'm sloooowly moving away from google stuff and been looking for alternatives for googles services. (Like posteo for email and (maybe someday) LBRY for youtube).
    Nextcloud seems to be amazing option for cloud storage. But as I don't want to run server myself and I'm not tech savvy enough to conformable run Nextcloud from virtual machine, and for my usage I prefer just "register and start using" kind of solution. So I created the free Nextcloud account(probably wrong term) provided by webo.hosting and it seems to work great. But I've slight concerns about how much I can trust them with my data. Stuff that I have read from their page about how they use data and stuff like that seems ok. Seems like if I have trusted google with my data should be able to trust webo.hosting too?

    Any opinions about this kind of stuff?

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    Re: Opinions about nextcloud used through provider

    Just encrypt everything in your nextcloud folder. I do run a nextcloud server myself using a Digitalocean "droplet" running CentOS 7, which is also running a wordpress site. I found Digitalocean have lots of very good tutorials for a server newb like me. The biggest hassle was that I needed php 7 or greater, which you don't get with the normal CentOS 7 repos, so I ended up installing it alongside the old version using the Software Collections scheme = https://www.softwarecollections.org/en/. I'm not sure now that this was the best way to go as I have since discovered that there is a repo available called rpms.remirepo.net, which might be a good solution assuming it can be trusted. I notice the upcoming redhat 8 has a thing called "application streams" which sounds like it might address the problem of out of date packages in a better way.

    Anyway the nextcloud is used for a club I am involved with to keep all our documents. We moved away from dropbox because the club files were robbing quota from the each users personal dropbox account. Nextcloud has worked well for the five months we have been using it.

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