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    Question Suspend on Thinkpad X1E shutdowns system when using power button

    Hello everybody,

    I'm having issue with suspend on Lenovo ThinkPad X1E laptop. Fedora 29, latest updates & kernel, stock gnome, SB disabled. Intel+NVidia GPU, disk encryption on LVM volume level. I'm not interested in suspend-to-disk, only in normal suspend (sleep) mode. Hybrid sleep etc disabled (and swap volume is very small anyway).

    The problem is rather strange, the suspend seems to work correctly when I do it by closing the lid. I attach full "journalctl -b -x" log for when it happens (after-suspend-good.log). Here I suspend by closing the lid at 23:12:22 and resume by opening lid at 23:13:49. Obviously first group of kernel messages in log after resume is actually related to what happened before suspend.

    However, when I suspend by pressing power button (configured in Gnome to do suspend), then after resuming (doesn't matter how, by pressing power button once again or by touching the keyboard) the system seemingly resumes.. but goes right into shutdown after resume and powers off. Something seems to be different when suspend is initiated by pressing power button. Can anyone who knows how suspend in Linux (and in Fedora) is designed to work give some advice on how to fix this?

    The full log is attached as after-bad-suspend.log. I press power button at 23:20:39 and resume by touching the keyboard at 23:21:36. The log is somewhat different from previous one, yet it contains similar messages (like "Reached target Sleep." and "Starting Suspend..." when suspend starts).

    I also prepared shorter version of both logs which are easier to read. I manually filtered out seemingly unrelated messages from minor services, leaving only kernel/systemd/few others but I could've made some mistake, so I attached unfiltered logs as well.

    Filtered log for working suspend/resume on lid close:
    FIltered log for broken suspend/resume+shutdown on power button:

    Thanks in advance!
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