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    Re: Color management in MATE

    Hi everyone,

    I was able to get color profile installation working in MATE using xiccd. Before I got it working, I was getting the same error message that others have reported about a timeout while trying to install the profile. I was also not getting any results when running the "colormgr get-devices" command. I tried installing the gnome-color-manager package, but as expected, it didn't get me any further. Adding argyllcms and DisplayCAL also didn't change the missing devices issue. I have read many places that there is something missing from MATE related to color management, but I kept wondering what is this missing part? It would seem that, with colord, argyllcms, and DisplayCAL, all the tools should be there. The best answer I found to this question is here in the colord docs. What MATE is missing is the link between MATE and colord that populates the device information (in colord) that is required to allow linking a profile to a device. What xiccd does for us is populate that device information directly from the x-server, therefore bypassing what is missing from MATE. Neither argyllcms nor DisplayCAL will help with this part of the process. I suppose that many people who are having this issue already know what roles each part plays, but I found this to be good info to help understand what the problem actually is.

    Here are the relevant parts I have working and their versions:
    • Fedora 29
    • MATE 1.20.4 (this is a gtk3 version)
    • DisplayCAL (installed via rpm from its site)
    • argyllcms 1.9.2 (installed from the repo)
    • colord 1.4.3
    • lcms2 2.9
    • xiccd 0.2.4+git (built from master)
    • Nvidia proprietary driver 340.107 (akmod package installed from rpmfusion. This is not completely relevant, but is in the mix.)

    So the remaining obstacle is: How to get xiccd? It is not in the main fedora repositories. There is an unofficial package, but I have not tried it. I opted to do the build from source. This is something that people seem to have trouble with, and it is not an obvious build process. First-off, the included build instructions are not correct. They seem to be template instructions that are not specific to xiccd. Here is how I did the build:
    1. Install prerequisite packages:
      lcms2-devel (this might not be needed, but I installed it to be on the safe side)
      and all dependencies (of which there are many)
    2. Download the xiccd source from its site linked above. I used the master branch rather than one of the releases because it looks like there are recent commits, but all of the releases are old (as of this writing).
    3. Expand the source and cd into the directory.
    4. Run: "autoreconf" (This will throw some errors necessitating the following step.)
    5. Run: "automake --add-missing"
    6. Run: "./configure"
    7. Run: "make" (I got two warnings: "‘g_type_class_add_private’ is deprecated" and "cast between incompatible function types", but they didn't seem like show-stoppers.)
    8. Run: "sudo make install"

    The last step will install the files: /usr/local/bin/xiccd, /usr/local/etc/xdg/autostart/xiccd.desktop, and /usr/local/share/man/man8/xiccd.8. I moved /usr/local/etc/xdg/autostart/xiccd.desktop to /etc/xdg/autostart/xiccd.desktop to simplify things.

    Now reboot or log-out and back in again, and you should see xiccd running under your user. Run the command: "colormgr get-devices". You should now see devices where there were none, and installing a profile should work!

    I hope this helps someone in the future.

    As a final note: there is a feature request for MATE to add the missing color management parts, but it doesn't seem to have gained a lot of traction.

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    Re: Color management in MATE

    Split to your own thread as a guide/solution as it deserves to be isolated from an exceedingly old thread about Fedora 25. Thanks very much for sharing your fix for the missing components though it is appreciated!

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