I have to package a lot of RPMs and rpmlint is pretty useful for finding some things. However, I would like to add some checks to the rpmlint testing process....so it checks for things that are specific to how we package the RPM.

In the .cfg I found

# Enabled checks for the rpmlint to be run
Checks = string(default='')

So that would seem to be a place where I could specify specific or additional checks to run. But what I want to know is...is there say some way to tell rpmlint to look for checks in a custom location, so not in the system install directories. I don't want to have to have root permission to add checks to the main install. I want to keep our custom RPM checks separate from the ones installed with rpmlint.

Is there some way to tell rpmlint to look not only in its default install directory for tests to run on the RPM, but also to look in another directory?