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[bobx@nova Pictures]$ ps -ef | wc
519 4938 47339

let's see:
1. moving 5TB videos from an old hard drive on USB3.0 to a new internal hard drive
2. Installing GTA5 on Virtualbox
3. Watching Linus Tech Tips on y00t00b
4. Installing GTA4 on Playonlinux
5. Editing a flowchart on DIA
6. Ktorrent DLing at max speed
7. VNCviewers on 5 servers
8. Synergy to 2 other PCs
9. a gazillion terminals open
10. Editing code on KATE with it's unbeatable mini-map.
11. About to render a movie with cinelerra
12. Working on a Blender model for my game
13. Posting here

That's called happiness, my Ryzen 1600X is kicking arse and taking names.
my temps look rather meek.
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And I will only need to reboot when I run my next kernel upgrade.
waiting for my Vertagear vg-pl6000 chair now, will arrive tomorrow I hope .... then I'll be even happier. My 6 year old crappy spartan chair has had it.
EDIT: and if we can even imagine being happier, it will happen once the package my bro is sending from Vegas arrives with 2 new keyboards. I managed to kill my "F" key on my Airfox K30.