What's up with grub2 and fedora btrfs?
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    What's up with grub2 and fedora btrfs?

    I always thought grub2 had a generic problem finding btrfs partitions for multiple OS on different partitions or drives. Now I'm not so sure! My main fedora installation is on an NVMe SSD and I have an alternate fedora installation on a SATA SSD. I have to manually craft the boot menu entry for the alternate installation, so I keep it in /etc/grub.d/40_custom. The other day, I installed opensuse tumble to the SATA SSD, and fedora grub2 on the NVMe drive finds it! Why can't it find the fedora installation? There are a couple of active bugs for this issue, but no resolution. Am I missing something in grub2-mkconfig? All the installations have an ext4 boot partition, and a btrfs partition with root and home subvolumes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Re: What's up with grub2 and fedora btrfs?

    Don't have answer for you, but just a question. Was the suse install mounted to a local mountpoint on the NVMe?
    I ask because since the change to the grub2 boot loader when I've had two different fedora versions installed on different partitions of the same disk grub will not find the other fedora unless it is mounted locally under '/'. This is with standard ext4 partitions, efi or bios boot. I haven't raised this issue since the other version is one I'm going to abandon or have done so. I'm just wondering if your issue is a file system related or grub2 related.
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    Re: What's up with grub2 and fedora btrfs?

    grub2-mkconfig is broken recently.

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    Re: What's up with grub2 and fedora btrfs?

    I don't have an answer, but I'm using the same configuration as you, and I'm having no trouble at all with grub2. I have partitions with /boot, /boot/efi. and a btrfs root partition with subvolumes for / and /home.

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    Re: What's up with grub2 and fedora btrfs?

    Quote Originally Posted by dodona
    grub2-mkconfig is broken recently.
    I boot SuSE and Fedora 29, each on a separate SSD .the way I got a merged boot menu was to run. Sudo grub2-install for the SUSE install and then run Sudo grub2-mkconfig for the Fedora installation.

    After the grub2-mkconfig on SuSE, it showed Fedora and vice versa, Fedora menu included SuSE

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