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    hi again. very, very basic question.

    i'm writing from windows again. i recently installed the fedora kde - spin, but this version was completely unstable on my system after 2 days (never again kde).

    i couldn't install the kde - spin until i went to the appropriate touchpad - settings via pure keyboard - navigation. i had to associate the touchpad - behavior with mouse clicks (can't remember the name of this setting).

    yesterday i wanted to install the official gnome - version. unfortunately the same problem: i can't do mouse clicks via touchpad.

    since i was already familiar with kde, i quickly found the appropriate settings and was able to install the os via touchpad - however, with gnome this is not the case.

    now i have figured out what to activate (under gnome): tap to click (in the mouse/touchpad settings) . but unfortunately i can't access the corresponding field via keyboard - navigation (in contrast to kde - spin). therefore, i can't install the os.

    and even if i was able to do this via keyboard navigation, it wouldn't change anything after the installation. i don't know why this option is disabled by default in fedora. a complete novice would think some driver was broken; or whatever. he would then say goodbye to this operating system as a result; who else uses a mouse on a laptop.

    now the question: how do i get into the corresponding field on the right via keyboard (to activate tap to click) ? or do i have to specially buy a mouse to install fedora (again)?


    edit: solved - borrowed a mouse from my neighbor.

    ps: since i don't want to open a new thread again, one last question: what are the default font settings under fedora 29 gnome? i must have changed something here - now everything looks terrible. here are 4 fields. there was something like "cantarell" .. ?
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