Fedora Workstation 29 install problems due to stuck mouse
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    Question Fedora Workstation 29 install problems due to stuck mouse

    I am a new member and like fedora workstation very much and have it installed as a vm in Mac fusion. I decided to take a plunge and install it on my physical x86 supermicro server
    My primary built in adapter is a Matrox and also have a pci quadro 1000 installed. Upon booting the live usb I cannot proceed as the mouse pointer remains frozen while connected to either the legacy or new 3.0 USB ports
    Q1) Is fedora not tuned to install on physical hardware?
    Q2) It appears that the installer is not designed to run on physical hardware Or am I doing something wrong?
    I really like the fedora workstation and it runs perfectly as a vm on a Mac under fusion but would very much like to install on my server. Please help?
    I verified that I have the latest bios so perplexed as to what do next?
    Thank you

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    Re: Fedora Workstation 29 install problems due to stuck mouse

    A1) Fedora installer is very much tuned to work on bare metal. That's not to say there isn't any esoteric hardware that wouldn't trip it up.
    A2) Your Q1) and Q2) appear to me to be asking the same question. See A1

    The only thing that comes to my mind is to check your bios settings to ensure that ALL USB settings are enabled. I once had an occasion to boot into some USB (can't recall just what) and the mouse wouldn't work. Booted into the bios to find "Legacy USB" support was disabled. I enabled it, rebooted into the USB and the mouse now worked.

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    Re: Fedora Workstation 29 install problems due to stuck mouse

    Although not a MAC, I setup my ASUS X470-pro to handle uefi boot, not realizing that it meant just uefi. In other words, it wanted a uefi Flashdrive.
    Some kind remarks from PabloTwo pointed me to review the firmware settings. I tweak to undo a setting and I am back in mixed mode (2 drives with non UEFI Linux and 2 drives with UEFI linux).
    Leslie in Montreal

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