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    How to run OpenVPN over Tor

    1) install Tor:

    sudo dnf install tor

    2) modify Tor package setting to tunnel VPN traffic:

    add this line to the "/etc/tor/torrc" file, then save changes:

    SOCKSPort 9150 PreferSOCKSNoAuth

    3) tell OpenVPN to use a proxy:

    Add these 2 line to VPN config file, then save changes:

    socks-proxy localhost 9150 

    4) restart tor service:

    sudo systemctl restart tor

    N.B: you may need to reload the config for tor with:

    sudo systemctl reload tor

    5) to connect VPN over Tor:

    1st, run, Tor service “sudo systemctl start tor” (& keep it running), then, run OpenVPN. Now, your Internet traffic will go as following:

    PC -------> Tor entry node -------> Tor middle node -------> Tor exit node -------> Your VPN service provider -------> Your target Internet address.

    Advantage of this configuration:

    1) hide your real IP address from your VPN service provider;

    2) get rid from risk of malicious (hacker) Tor exit nodes & their dirty activities.
    Disadvantage of this configuration: your Internet speed will markedly decreased.
    Remember: Tor service should be kept opened throughout VPN session.
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