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    It's Me. No seriously, it's me!

    I appreciate that websites try to protect my security, but some of them go way overboard with measures that are super annoying, and probably aren't very effective anyway. And their way of identifying who's who isn't very accurate.

    I log on to Instagram 2-3 times a week, and every single time I get an email that says "New login to Instagram from Firefox on Linux. If this is not you blah, blah blah..." NOT new. I login to Instagram from the same browser on the same computer every single time. The same thing happens if I log in to Twitter on Firefox, but not if I log in using Chrome.

    Sometimes, from my bank, "We don't recognize this computer. We need to send you a code... Same computer and browser people, and I haven't updated anything since I was here yesterday!

    Yahoo and Twitter keep wanting my phone number 'In case you get locked out of your account'. They have an email they can send me a new password, they don't need my phone number! Besides, it's not my bank or broker, it's Yahoo and Twitter; if I get permanntly locked out, big deal, I can just make a new accounts!
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    Re: It's Me. No seriously, it's me!

    Expiring cookies and having a dynamically assigned IP address cause the warning messages about signing in from a new computer.

    I stopped using Yahoo! after the last user credentials database breach. I use two factor authentication wherever it is offered these days so I guess I am actually happy to be inconvenienced.

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