A simple solution restores a mouse's tracking ability
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    A simple solution restores a mouse's tracking ability

    I use a recent design Logitech mouse that uses an invisible light from the LED to do tracking. My desktop is similar to any plastic laminated desktop (Ikea style) material.
    After some extended (2 years) use, the mouse started to not track when I slid it across the laminate.
    If I raised the mouse up by about the thickness of a thumbnail, and slid the mouse across the desktop, the mouse would work as when it was new. The 4 pads on the bottom of the mouse were worn thinner.

    My solution
    I taped two layers of clear (scotch) tape, across the bottom of the mouse, insuring that the 4 pads were covered, but not the lense area.
    Voila -- a restored mouse.

    An alternative solution
    Some dollar store crazy glue applied to each pad to increase the pad thickness.

    The tape solution is instantaneous, The crazy glue solution needs a few hours for the glue to dry.
    Leslie in Montreal

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    Re: A simple solution restores a mouse's tracking ability

    Interesting frankie. Incredible that it's so sensitive. I have dropped mice from 5 feet a zillion times, and they all continue to function miraculously, so I thought they were really bulletproof and had large tolerances.
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