Some thing never faced before since I was on Fedora 24 !! dnf autoremove want to remove these 2 java packages !!! There was no such thing before 1 month !!
So, the question: do Fedora update bring some thing to working instead these 2 packages ??!!!

$ sudo dnf autoremove
Last metadata expiration check: 2:22:33 ago on Mon 14 Jan 2019 05:04:35 PM GMT.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package            Arch   Version                               Repository
 java-openjdk       x86_64 1:           @updates 595 k
                    x86_64 1:           @updates 163 M
 liblogging-stdlog  x86_64 1.0.6-4.fc28                          @fedora   30 k
 lmdb-libs          x86_64 0.9.22-4.fc28                         @updates 101 k
 luajit             x86_64 2.1.0-0.7beta3.fc28                   @fedora  1.2 M
 opencc             x86_64 1.0.5-3.fc28                          @updates 5.0 M
 rhino              noarch                        @fedora  1.2 M
 spirv-tools-libs   x86_64 2018.3.0-0.1.20180407.git26a698c.fc28 @updates 3.7 M

Transaction Summary
Remove  8 Packages

Freed space: 175 M
Is this ok [y/N]: N
Operation aborted.