real quick: 1. I'm very new to Linux in general and don't know what I'm doing, 2. I was recommended here from r\kde, if this isn't the right place may I please a link to a more appropriate place to post this.

I have my laptop set up so it can boot into win10, fedora, or kali but fedora kde is what I have been using and I want to get it working again.

What works: 1. win10 and kali, 2. fedora when I log in with gnome or the console except there is no working internet connection and the WiFi settings don't show up.

When I first boot fedora an onscreen keyboard shows up an when I get rid of it, under the login I see: The current theme cannot be loaded due to the errors below. please select another theme. file:\\\usr\share\sddm\themes\01-breeze-fedora\main.qml:26:1: plugin cannot be loaded for module "org.tde.plasma.core": Cannot load library \usr\lib64\qt5\qml\org\kde\plasma\core\libcorebind (\lib64\(rest is cut off by screen), and then after trying to log into plasma, it seems as if everything but the mouse freezes.

Any help is appreciated.