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    Cloning Fedora

    I have a 1TB drive with Windows 10 and a separate HD of 350GB with Fedora 29. If I make a partition on the 1TB, can I clone Fedora on that partition and how?

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    Re: Cloning Fedora

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    Re: Cloning Fedora

    Can you describe the partitioning sizes on the 350gig drive?

    This is what I did using gparted to perform a migration.
    I left a 1 meg unformatted partition for the biosboot (Non UEFI) It got formatted later on.
    I set up a 1024 megs for /boot (1 gig) ext4
    I set up a 31720 meg (30gig) for / formatted xfs
    I setup a 20480meg (20gig) for /var formatted ext4 (you could also use xfs)
    I setup a 30 gig for /home
    I setup a 8gig swap (8192meg)
    I setup a 8gig hybernate swap (8192meg)
    and from what is left, I setup a /scratch, formatted ext4

    I would then do a manual installation, using the partitions I indicated.
    I would follow up by updating the new system using dnf, and
    also cp -ra /oldDrive/home /newDrive/home
    Leslie in Montreal

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