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    Re: amd 2700x cooler / heatsink

    My Gigabyte board bios uses <F12> to get to boot menu. <DEL> for BIOS.

    I got my new 32G of DD4 2400 RAM (4x8G) installed last night (was running with 16G in one slot). Worked out of the box. Enabled XMP and it found the right settings for the memory and popped up to the right frequency. Base OS is LUbuntu. Loaded up 5 VMs (XP, Win7, F27, F28, F29) and started most all the apps I could find and I got up to 20G usage. CPU isn't even starting to sweat. The 2600 Ryzen System seems to be working great. Hope you have as good experience!

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    Re: amd 2700x cooler / heatsink

    Quote Originally Posted by lsatenstein
    My new desktop system allows me to do what you stated. I am still getting accustomed to the existing bios options before I try VMing it.

    The mother board bios from the ASUS x470 Prime Plus has a design annoyance. With my old desktop, F2 was for working with the BIOS, and F8 was a bios menu presentation, the latter allowing one to select a boot drive, skipping the bios altogether. With this current bios, I have to enter the bios, then do F8 to select the boot drive. (eg, flash or other boot drive not within the grub menu) . I am hoping that there is a similar option with these new motherboard bios.
    I rediscovered F8 boot menu selection. With the Asus BIOS displaying a prompt, no before and not after, you depress F8 and shortly thereafter, the drive prompt selection appears.
    I did not try the F8 test with the BIOS password setup.
    Leslie in Montreal

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