CES 219 Who is there, what product interested you to learn more?
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    CES 219 Who is there, what product interested you to learn more?

    This morning I wanted the Intel presentation. They are offering technology, but it is expensive expensive. A 28 core cpu with 28 threads for $8,000. AMD offered more cpus for half the price. Buy two AMD based systems for one Intel one and have one for backup. Most very large sites (hospitals, etc), need 24/7 operation.

    I liked the freesync and OLED stuff from LGS. 8k TVs -- wow.
    Leslie in Montreal

    Interesting web sites list

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    Re: CES 219 Who is there, what product interested you to learn more?

    Indeed, AMD has a 32 core EPYC (with 64 threads) processor for half that.

    NVIDIA's announcement about FreeSync monitor support roll out came as a pleasant surprise though. 12 models will be supported initially but more to follow as testing continues.

    EDIT - Radeon VII is an interesting announcement. It's Vega 20 in a 7nm die but has the same power draw as the Vega 64 cards still. there's 16GB onboard RAM if games can use that much so the performance benchmarks when the reviewers get hold of these cards should be interesting reading. It still uses PCI-E 3.1 which is strange given the new 7nm Ryzen gen 3 will have a PCI-E 4.0 controller.

    As of yet, nobody has the Radeon VII to review and test so it's all speculation as to how they perform away from AMD's controlled conditions demo and measure up to NVIDIA hardware in the real world. The recommended retail price is $699 which would indicate they are targeting Geforce RTX 2080 customers.

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