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    New installation: passwd runaround locks me out.


    I just installed Fed 29 XFCE4 spin for a friend. During installation I set weak ( but not trivial ) password for the user and a different one for root.

    I rebooted, logged in as user then opened a terminal and logged in as root to do dnf update. That all went without issues I then left finish update and came back later to see the screensaver wanting a new login. It refused my existing user login and would not let me change the user name to root. I'm locked out.

    At this stage I rebooted and edited grub boot command to use init=/bin/sh , this gets me to root console.

    I try to change the user passwd as root but it fails with messages about bad password ( too short; too few letters .... etc. ) never saying what it ACTUALLY wants. It's a guessing game.

    So what the heck is this about? It accepts a user pw during installation then and update locks me out. Has it rubbed my existing pw file or is it now programmed to refuse the valid credentials?

    I'm not sure whether the BAD PASSWORD is fatal. I think this just used to be a warning. The final line is:
    passwd: Authentication token manipulation error.

    What are the new rules for setting a pw ? This is very badly designed.

    I have a brand new installation and as soon as I run dnf update it stuffs itself. I'm getting quickly fed up with Fed.

    Thanks for any help.
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