mount return exit code 32 'mount failed'

# Mount the device
#ACTION=="add", ENV{dir_name}!="", RUN+="/bin/mkdir -p '%E{mount_dir}/%E{dir_name}' ", RUN+="/usr/bin/mount -o %E{mount_options} %E{device} %E{mount_dir}/%E{dir_name}", 
It worked fine in F27
There are a couple of things mentioned in systemd but I don't know if that is the problem

There is a note on systemd v239
* Note that all long-running system services shipped with systemd will now default to a system call whitelist (rather than a blacklist, as
before). In particular, systemd-udevd will now enforce one too. For most cases this should be safe, however downstream distributions
which disabled sandboxing of systemd-udevd (specifically the MountFlags= setting), might want to disable this security feature
too, as the default whitelisting will prohibit all mount, swap, reboot and clock changing operations from udev rules.

There is a new flag in /etc/systemd/system/sytemd-udevd.service:
PrivateMounts=yes (which I have as no)

Played around but get no results...
Where is the whitelisting taken place?

Ver: systemd-239-7.git3bf819c.fc29.x86_64