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    screenshare in linux

    I have a smart TV and under Windows I can use screen share, which connects the PC via Wi-Fi to the TV. Is there anyway I can do this in Linux?

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    Re: screenshare in linux

    I do this kind of thing with F-29 and a Chromecast.
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    Re: screenshare in linux

    Hmm, you can restream video with gstreamer or ffmpeg of course, but figuring out how exactly, is a mission. Using a Chromecast, which does the same thing, is a whole lot easier and these widgets do not cost much.

    If you want to know how to stream video, or make your own 'Chromecast' widget, see this:
    Have fun!

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    Re: screenshare in linux

    My laptop runs Linux and have a Chromecast plugged into my TV; using Chrome browser I can cast content like YT or Netflix, as well as screenshare.
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