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    After finger print logon password needed for key ring

    After I successfully logon with my finger print I'm still required to enter a password for the keyring. What is the keyring programm used for F29? How do I automatically open the keyring by fingerprint? or is finger print under F29 not secure?

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    Re: After finger print logon password needed for key ring

    I don't think you'll get this working, at least not in a secure fashion. The reason being that to unlock encryption you need a specific text string to act as the key for decryption. Fingerprint scanners don't work like that, you're never going to get exactly the same scan as before, maybe your finger is a little further up the scanner, or there's more/less pressure etc - try taking exactly the same selfie twice. While the scanner/software can assume within a safe range that it's your finger and log you in, to then convert that to a specific text string for the decryption would then become insecure as it would have to be stored unencrypted for the fingerprint software to pass to gnome-keyring.

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