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    Question How to install Texmaker in Fedora 29?

    I want to install Texmaker on my Fedora 29 machine, but I had already previously installed the Texlive 2018 manually. And if I try to do `dnf install texmaker` it tries to install a different version of Texlive also as a dependency, but since I already have my own installation of Texlive I do not want to install it again. I tried to download the `.rpm` package from the official website of Texmaker, but I believe it is intended for the Fedora 28, cause when I tried to install the downloaded package, I'm greeted with an error that the following dependency is not found:

    ` is needed by texmaker-5.0.3-6.1.x86_64`

    Though, I don't know whether there is a way to install this dependency in Fedora 29. So any ideas how to install Texmaker in Fedora without installing the additional Texlive distribution?

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    Re: How to install Texmaker in Fedora 29?

    Okay, I just built it from source and it seems to work.

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