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    Changes in screen brightness every 2 minutes

    Hello, so I installed Fedora 29 on my notebook, everything has been running flawlessly except for a REALLY annoying "detail".
    Screen brightness seems to randomly go up or down on its own every two minutes (the glider with the sun above it appears on screen).

    I searched on google and found something on MSI notebooks and this issue (, which provides a way to ignores these random messages with an x11 quirk file.

    Does anyone know how to create a quirk file for libinput to ignore these messages?, Im almost entirely certain this is the problem as I have the exact same symptoms and output as the guy in the linked forum post.

    Please help me figure out a solution to this problem, I really dont want to go back to Windows.

    Edit:// Figured a workaround running evtest --grab /dev/input/event12 > /dev/null 2>&1 & , event12 corresponds to Video_Bus which sends random EV_KEYS for some reason. Does anyone know a fix that doesnt involve running a sketchy script at startup?
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    Re: Changes in screen brightness every 2 minutes

    Linux power handling usually has a feature where it has a power profile that behaves one way on AC power and another on battery. The idea is that you're more likely not to be using the screen after X seconds of no mouse or keyboard usage. So the screen dims to save power until the mouse or keyboard is used again. Obviously that can be annoying if it guesses too soon and you're just looking at the screen.

    You can go into the system settings tool and find "Power" and uncheck the "Dim screen" checkbox in one or both of "AC Power" mode and "On Battery".
    In KDE you're probably also want to turn off "Screen Energy Saving"

    This covers the Gnome power manager:

    Gnome Power Manager:

    The attached snap is the KDE power widgit:
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    Re: Changes in screen brightness every 2 minutes

    Hello marko and thanks for replying, I did try playing with power settings to no avail. Typing evtest --grab /dev/input/event12 (second Video Bus in the list) shows random EV_KEYS events which seem to be the problem.

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