Xfce 4.13 panel changes
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    Xfce 4.13 panel changes

    When I upgraded my main system from Fedora 28 to Fedora 29 and then, after an SSD failure, reinstalled Fedora 29, I found some changes that were perplexing. Panel settings used to behave such that when the appearance opacity was set to zero, only the background would become transparent and the icons would remain at full intensity. With Xfce 4.13, this changed. Now the opacity affects both background and icons so that if opacity is set to zero, both background and icons disappear.

    Apparently, this was deliberate. What has changed is that there is a separate choice for the background. To get it to work like it used to, one needs to go into the panel dialog for Appearance and select the option for Solid Color. Then one needs to click on the color box. Then underneath, select the + for custom color which then goes to a color picker chart Then use the slider on the side or use the mouse to select a color. Then move the bottom slider all the way to the left to turn that color transparent or choose some point in between transparent and full intensity.

    After that, the sliders for Opacity on the Appearance page will affect the intensity of the icons but the background will be transparent if that is what you select. Since I could not find any documentation of this behavior, I had filed a bug on the Xfce bugzilla. That was where I found out about the new way of doing things. I offer this up so that others won't experience the frustration I did with this change.

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    Re: Xfce 4.13 panel changes

    Thanks for the info. I had noticed that the transparency option was missing but hadn't looked into it yet.

    My main system is still 28 and may remain so until 30 is released. Hopefully 4.14 will be out by then.

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