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    Resize Swap and Root en Fedora LXDE

    Greetings to all users and Internet users of this great forum, I hereby request you to please be kind enough to help me such as Resize the Swap (Increase and Decrease the Swap), as well as increase the Root.

    I am using Linux Operating System Fedora 28 LXDE x86 x64, when installing increase the value of the Swap and decreases the value of the root. Having detailed this, I request please if it is possible to Decrease the Swap and Increase the Root by means of Terminal "LXterminal". If so, please indicate what steps I have to follow for this.

    I thank you in advance for your kind attentions, help and prompt answers.

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    Re: Resize Swap and Root en Fedora LXDE

    This thread has some resonances for your issue and may start you off, if you have installed your lxde with the default LVM:

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    Re: Resize Swap and Root en Fedora LXDE

    Hello Radel and welcome to the forum

    Using the Fedora Live ISO, you can install gparted. using gparted, it will show the disk and the partitions. gparted has a menu to allow you to resize a partition that is not in use (mounted).
    I believe that gparted is also in Spanish.
    Leslie in Montreal

    Interesting web sites list

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