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    VirtualBox Installation Worry

    I'm trying to install Fedora 29 Designer inside of the latest version of VirtualBox and I have a concern.

    It "appears" that the only way to install Fedora 29 Designer is via the "Desktop Icon" that boots up after the "Live" ISO file unpacks itself inside of Virtual Box ?? (In Ubuntu 18.10 for example, it gives you the option to either "INSTALL" it or "RUN IT LIVE" during the installation of Ubuntu in Virtual Box.... if that makes sense what I'm trying to point out ????) But Fedora 29 Designer does not provide that option... only to go straight to the Desktop and install it from there ???

    Here's my concern:
    The way I understand VirtualBox to work (reference YouTube Video: you must pick INSTALL ... but if the only way to install Fedora Designer is from the Desktop, WILL IT INSTALL INSIDE THE VIRTUAL BOX.... OR..... WILL IT TRY TO INSTALL ITSELF DIRECTLY ONTO THE HARD DISK thereby wiping out my Windows Installation ??? (Again, I hope what I'm saying is making sense ????)

    Is there some way to ensure that Fedora 29 Designer installs inside the VirtualBox and does not mess up my Windows install, or try to make my entire system a "Dual Boot" ??

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    Re: VirtualBox Installation Worry

    if you are loading the ISO inside a virtual machine then the installation will take place inside the virtual machine, your windows won't be affected

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