[SOLVED] F29 KDE "Alternate File Launcher" bug?
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    F29 KDE "Alternate File Launcher" bug?

    I found the "Alternate File Launcher" for KDE early in F28, and rather grew to like it. (If you're using F28, unlock the widgets, right-click on the file-launcher icon in the taskbar and choose "alternate"). It's a nice, full-page launcher.

    But it doesn't seem to be available in F29. Am I missing something? I don't see a bug report on it.

    Info appreciated.

    BTW, F29 has been working nicely for me. I'm still eagerly anticipating the arrival of FEDY for this build, though. Soon? Soon?

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    Re: F29 KDE "Alternate File Launcher" bug?

    I finally solved this.

    First, getting to the "alternate" application launcher (not "file launcher" - sorry!) is a bit obscure, and it seems not many KDE users have found it. That's a shame. It's really pretty nice.

    The default app. launcher is just what you get by clicking, in the task-bar, on the Fedora F. To get to the alternate, click on the F first (to open the current app. launcher) and THEN right click on the F again to get to the option for the alternate. Who'd a thunk it?

    Apparently, there are several options available now, but as a Public Service Announcement, that full screen alternate is pretty cool.

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