I need a new scanner for the home. I've been completely Windows-free since XP, so I'm looking for something that will work well in a Linux only environment. My problem is that I need something with wide sheet capabilities, larger than the standard 8.5" limit on most inexpensive ADF scanners. I have a large stack of 9" x 11" bank statements that I need to archive, and I don't want to pay 25-cents per sheet to scan them at the local Office Depot.

I sort of hate to admit it, but I've been using an old old old (and slow slow slow) HP Scanjet 63x0c ADF scanner with gscan2pdf and while the output is fine, the throughput is just awful. What's pushing me into shopping now is the pressing need to process these 9" x 11" documents and there's just no way to do that with a 8.5" width scanner. This sort of forces me into a large format scanner. Unfortunately they can be ridiculously expensive. There's just no way that I can pay US$1500 to US$3500 for an 11x17 ADF workgroup or departmental scanner to use in the home.

So I'm looking for something that will scan a minimum 9" wide document, perhaps 9" x 14" or so, with an ADF. I'm sure that an 11x17 scanner would work fine, though 11x17 scanners tend to cost an arm and a leg. I thought I'd ask for peoples' opinions regarding what scanners work well and also provide the ability to ADF a page that's at least 9" wide and plays well with common linux software packages. It's unfortunate, but all of the commercial scanner offerings seem to offer nice software packages for Win and Mac, but nothing for linux.

Any help would be appreciated.