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    Audio Problems


    I have had this problem before and I can't remember how it got fixed.

    I am using the onboard optical SPDIF out to my soundcard (Micca Origen 2).

    RIght now, the sound is as if it is a Line Out to the right speaker. Even with the physical volume control at 0 on the sound card, I get full audio volume to the right speaker. The software volume control is left at full. Increasing the volume on the physical knob leads to the left speaker starting to play sound as well. This also happens with headphones plugged into my sound card instead of the speakers.

    I tried doing everything here:

    I have had this problem with Fedora 27, 28 and now 29 (althought it started before the update and it persisted through).

    It seems like an alsa problem, not a pulseaudio one.


    EDIT: Well, nevermind, I took the soundcard apart and cleaned it with some Isopropyl and now it works, so it was a hardware problem.
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