[SOLVED] Interesting use case- LUKS, LVM, 2 disks
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    Interesting use case- LUKS, LVM, 2 disks

    So, I'd like to branch out a bit on this install. I had a normal 3 partition setup before, non LVM (/, home, swap) and half the reason I'm reinstalling fresh is LVM but I figure I'd try my hand at LUKS too.

    Question though- how to approach this in a dual boot (sadly required) and two disk environment.

    Disks- 2 x 240GB SSDs

    /dev/sda- Windows, /boot/efi partition, freshly wiped unallocated space
    /dev/sdb- Fresh SSD

    I'm looking to take the space from sda (say sda6) and sdb, create PVs for LVM, join them in a VG, then encrypt that VG with dm-crypt using LUKS. The bootloader would be mounted at /boot/efi on an unecrypted partition (sda3 in my case).
    Is there a way to do this at install using Blivet? I've tried a couple different ways but can't seem to encrypt the VG. Or can you only encrypt the PVs? Trying to just avoid having two separate instances in which I have to type in my encryption password at boot.

    Apparently you can only encrypt LVs or PVs. TIL.

    I am aware that not having the two in a RAID exposes me to one disk taking it all out by the way. Not too concerned and it's a risk I'm going to mitigate with backups.

    Edit- Got it. Did not originally know /boot had to be its own partition separate from /boot/efi. Did that, have 2 LVs (root, home) with same pass for luks, Fedora installed and unlocks with just the one entry. I guess it sets it up to do that. Blivet seemed to do ok.
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