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    Smile Thinkpad P50 Laptop - Reboot hang/External Monitor Only Setup

    Hello All

    My first post on a fedora forum nice to meet you all, im looking to run my laptop with the lid closed outputting to an external screen only however using the graphical reboot button is hit and miss and i need to open my laptop lid and hard shut down or sometimes tap my keyboard to wake it up after the laptop shuts down to reboot,also if im running in runlevel 3 the laptop will auto suspend rather quickly.

    This was happening on RHEL workstation and ive just switched to fedora (packages i needed aren't available in RHEL).

    Can anyone offer any advice on how to tweak the setting for an external screen only setup ?...Fresh install fedora 29

    Steps taken in previous troubleshooting:

    - Uncommented/edited autosuspend=ignore
    - Disabled laptop screen
    - Set to display port output as primary in bios/uefi for boot and shared display priority

    Kind Regards


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    Re: Thinkpad P50 Laptop - Reboot hang/External Monitor Only Setup

    Looking at the specification of the laptop, it uses NVIDIA Quadro M1000M 2GB Dedicated card. Does it work out of box?
    If not, follow this guideline on to install Nvidia driver.
    Assuming you are using the Workstation version of Fedora 29, it is a matter of going on Settings -> Devices -> Display

    I never tested using command only for external display. Hopefully someone else will do. Good luck.
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