I've been using a 2 TB Toshiba hard drive with Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Fedora 26 all co-existing in various partitions. Recently I cloned all of that to 2 TB (4 drives) Western Digital RAID 0. When I booted from the RAID 0 grub failed and put me at the rescue prompt. It couldn't find anything to boot. I was able to boot Fedora 26 from a Live CD and used the hi-lighted solution found [here] to reinstall grub2. Now I can boot in to Windows 7 (already tweaked to be OK with a switch to RAID), not sure about Windows Server, but Fedora gets stuck at the white blob that slowly fills in until the F symbol shows. It never completely fills in so I never get to a login menu. I'm guessing Fedora is still having issues with the switch over to RAID 0. How do I fix that?