Hi all,
I encounter a issue during installation with fedora workstation with LiveUSB .
Below is my step:
1. Under another PC, use livecd-iso-to-disk command to create a Live USB from the fedora 28 workstation version.
2. Test if the LiveUSB could boot into the installation menu with my PC --> successful
3. Try to use the same LiveUSB in the Probook 430G5.

1. With legacy mode, the NB couldn't found the installation menu.
2. Under UEFI mode, the NB still couldn't found the installation menu.
3. The security boot is disabled.
4. Besides, with the CentOS LiveUSB, my NB could detect the installation of LiveUSB.

HP Probook 430 G5
CPU : i5-8250U
Memory : SK-Hynix DDR4 8GB

I'm not sure if my notebook is not suitable for current version of Fedora.
Many thanks.