Hello there!

I've been trying to add my school's shared printer to Fedora for the last few days but without success...
The printer is shared through SMB and is part of the school's Windows Domain. It requires logins (the same ones as the lab's computers).
I don't know if this is relevant but this is a printer which needs a card. You send your file to the printer (which sends them to a server) and then you select your file and insert your card.

I've currently tried many different configurations and I do not remember all of it.

What I can say though is that It either led to a "nt_status_logon_failure" error or a "no valid uri option has been specified" error, both seen besides the files in the printing queue.
I have downloaded the drivers corresponding to the printer's model (Canon iR-ADV 4051i) but it didn't improve anything.

I am able to see and even browse the SMB drive shares on the domain and system-config-printer actually sees the printer when browsing the domain...

Is there any key point I am missing or is this just complicated because of my school's configuration?


Edit : I am currently at home but will probably come back tomorrow with screenshots and more precise examples of what is wrong and what configuration I'm trying.