Without taking into account user id, or website id, the gnome password generator generates passwords using certain rules, .

Is there a password generator that takes three arguments.

Name: [leslie                            ]
Salt    : [text to add to a hash  for example could be yyyy-mm-dd]
site    :[fedoraforum.org]  length [10]
and provides an output that is a string of a specific length?

The gome-password-generator is somewhat close to the needs. It does not take into account website or url.

Obviously, if the fields "name","salt","site" and "length" are invariant, the same password will be generated.
I did a simple test by putting my logon name, a date for a salt, and this website as site into a file and I ran sha1sum against that file

fedoraform.org 10
sha1sum produced:

The tweaking needed is to add a some upper/lower and special characters to the output string and to truncate it to length 10.

Suggestions please. Do I write my own?