I'm quite puzzled by the fact my NetworkManager is not running, although I tried every possible thing to disable/enable/stop/start/restart. I also reinstalled NetworkManager, nm-applet, etc..
I also got to the point I downgraded it to the previous 1.10.10 version. Still it is not running, not appearing the icon in my gnome panel.

I noted that when I restart the NetworkManager service, the wired icon seems to appear for a brief moment, and then it's not running again.

I launched my VM also containing Fedora 28, I havent upgraded this VM since August, and there the NetworkManager is working just fine.

I also tried to changed to systemd-network service, but I still get no wired icon (which I discovered it's expected, since systemd-network does not have the icon).

I don't know if it might be a bug, or a bad update, or just fat fingers. I've not been not fat-fingering Fedora too much, I'd been just writing a Report with latex, except today that I notice the icon was missing.

Any clues? I've been reading every topic in almost every forum I'd found, but I didn't find any clue or solution.

Thanks in advance, I'm quite noobie with Fedora, so if it's needed some information about my system, please show the command and I'll reply with the required information.

Rafa :/