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    Google chrome encrypted password


    For a long time I have used Firefox as web browser, but it works too slowly and my pc resources are not able to support that. Now I have considerate using of Google Chrome. It works too fast but I am not able to encrypt stored passwords. Does anybody experienced this issue, if Yes, please share that with me.


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    Re: Google chrome encrypted password

    not sure that firefox is much better in its modern incarnations, but being that google owns chrome it seems like an extremely untrustworthy browser if you are concerned about privacy.

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    Re: Google chrome encrypted password

    mmm, any tape of security it's possible to broke if "they" want to break your privacy. If somebody of google want to break your privacy, never think that they aren't able to do that, even you are using Firefox, trust me. Looks like conspiracy but its reality. I want just to secure the viewing of passwords from "hands on users", but to save the privacy from google, I have never suspect, that's imposible .

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