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    macbook air wake up on charging

    everytime our macbook air that is shut off is plugged in, it boots up with the lid closed - then it runs hot while charging - this is super annoying

    searching we see that the mac has a bios setting to wake up on charging - to change the bios looked tricky
    is there any software workaround for this without messing with the mac bios ? if so, can it get upstream into the kernel ?

    ps: pls save the "dont run linux on mac" comments - our new laptops are not going to be macs anymore but we don't want to mothball this one.

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    Re: macbook air wake up on charging

    not really as you state it occurs when the macbook is shutdown. you'll need to change the setting in the macbook's bios interface as it's not something that could be controlled by the kernel or any other installed package.

    there won't be any don't run linux comments because we have a lot of members here that do run fedora on a mac. I've moved your thread to the Mac Chat section as you're more likely to get an answer there from a fellow mac user.

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