[SOLVED] Firefox 62 search bar keeps disappearing
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    Firefox 62 search bar keeps disappearing

    I really like the new Firefox 62 based on Quantum but it has a really annoying behavior. Each time it's restarted the search tool disappears. I can access the search tool from the ">>" "More tools..." Overflow menu button but I don't like that as much as just having the search bar to the right of the location (URL) bar.

    I have to go in to customize and hit the Done button. From that point on the search bar is on the right of the URL bar where I like it. The next time I restart FFox it's gone again.

    Any idea's what's wrong? I suspect it's one of mozilla's stupid UI decisions. I suspect what I want is to opt out of the "Overflow menu" which is the ">>" button on the right.

    Disregard, this is solved now - I simply used the customize editor to edit the search bar back in
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