Fedora Server 28 - /etc/php.ini
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    Fedora Server 28 - /etc/php.ini

    Hi. I'm trying to find the directory of where I upload images from a php file. the php.ini file says that the upload_tmp_dir for file http uploads = /uploads. I try to locate /tmp from virtual server, but can't locate the /tmp directory. Could somebody help me locate the /tmp directory on the Fedora Server (virtual machine)? I tried /tmp from root and no luck.

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    Re: Fedora Server 28 - /etc/php.ini

    You are probably confused because the service run with a PrivateTmp option, see man systemd.exec for full description

    Also notice that any uploaded files are deleted after page end, excepted if moved in the page, see http://php.net/move-uploaded-file

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