Fedora on Android phone?
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    Fedora on Android phone?

    I'm an old guy, so I only recently got into cell phones. Even more recently, I got my first smart phone. Now, in my never ending quest to muck up my tech, I thought I'd investigate putting linux (hopefully, Fedora/plasma) on it. Then I remembered the phenomenon known as "bricking". That made me pause and ask:

    Has anyone here successfully put a version of Fedora on an Android phone? Specifically a (cheap) Samsung Galaxy Luna? I've been searching, but most of the references I see on-line are pretty old (like, from 2015).

    I see the issues revolve around rooted vs. non-rooted solutions. I think I understand that, but I'm not finding much on the current state of development. Any info is appreciated.

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    Re: Fedora on Android phone?

    Moved to Fedora Focus from Guides & Solutions since you're asking a question rather than providing any information.

    As to what can be run on a smartphone depends a lot on it's internals. If it is Qualcomm ARM based you have more options than if it has a MediaTek chip. The best source of information for running Plasma Mobile is here

    I doubt you'd get Fedora KDE specifically working on any smartphone.

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