Fedora 28 KDE Plasma--Top Quality Product
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    Fedora 28 KDE Plasma--Top Quality Product

    New Fedora user here,

    Just want to say how pleased I am with the experience so far with Fedora 28. Previously, I have used Mandriva/Mageia/Rosa, Kubuntu, Netrunner (Debian and Rolling) and Arch variants. Although they all have their strengths it always felt like something was just not quite right. They all seemed to lack a cohesiveness especially when it came to packaging and repository quality. With the exception of the Arch variants, they all suffered from out of date packages. The Arch variants were either not quite as refined or they suffered from occasional breakdowns after updates.

    Finally, I looked at Fedora 28. I had less than succesful experiences with Fedora in the past but decided to give it another try and was pleasantly surprised. The installation was without issues and the repositories are far more up-to-date than I expected. I only have a problem with one application but I am convinced it is related to the NVIDIA graphics driver. This issue always seems to introduce complications no matter what distribution it is.

    The community seems to be "down to earth" even though Fedora is backed by Red Hat. I should have tried Fedora much sooner. I may have saved months, if not years, of distro-hopping. So far it looks like I can be happy with Fedora for the foreseeable future. Kudos to the developers and supporting community. This is a high quality product.

    Thank you,


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    Re: Fedora 28 KDE Plasma--Top Quality Product

    Me too.
    I run Fedora KDE Plasma 5.13 on one disk drive and Gnome on a second diskdrive.
    Gnome doesn't like to advertise it's version or date of last update.

    Like a man in love with two women and can't decide between,
    Gnome and KDE are like that for me, except I don't have to abandon either.

    Since I am doing some programming, either of the interfaces is for me.
    Leslie in Montreal

    Interesting web sites list

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    Re: Fedora 28 KDE Plasma--Top Quality Product

    Yeah, I'll "third" that notion. I've used KDE ever since Mandrake/Mandriva in 2003. They were KDE from the ground up the same way Fedora is Gnome-based (at least, it used to be considered that).

    I never had severe problems with KDE on Fedora, except for the ones that were traceable to my use of nVidia drivers. They played havoc with scrolling at one point. F28 has been exceptional - KDE just "feels right" these days. Krunner is now a bit of a mandatory tool as far as I'm concerned.

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    Re: Fedora 28 KDE Plasma--Top Quality Product

    I run Fedora LXQT

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    Re: Fedora 28 KDE Plasma--Top Quality Product

    think so too. has been working with linux since 1996, with red since 2007 and fedora since 2004.

    since the shell I can not work anymore with gnome, so i use kde now, which is always more fun.

    it is usually stable, it is always up to date, what more do I want?

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    Re: Fedora 28 KDE Plasma--Top Quality Product

    Debian is another distro that suffers from out-of-date software. I wouldn't mind Debian on a secondary computer - it just so happens that I have Fedora on all my computers. Fedora 28 should be your main system, especially for personal stuff, the out-of-date-software-distros are a good second, if you have programming work to do and you care for nothing except compiling stuff.

    I can testify that the Fedora community is one of the best. Ubuntu's community is far too hypocritical and political (especially so because of the forum moderators)

    Fedora lacks marketing. It's the only thing it lacks.

    This forum is a nice and quiet place, mainly for productivity.

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