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    Console Session Colors


    1. There seem to be myriad links on changing the terminal colors for a prompt or even on a line-by-line basis. I cant find anything on setting and retaining the settings for my entire console session (foreground, background, bold etc). How can I do that from a script or command line?

    2. Is there a tool or website to see swatches, i.e a set of colors that work together for console colors?
    BTW, I know how to output all the available terminal colors (not looking for that).



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    Re: Console Session Colors

    Perhaps put your mods in .bash_profile, e.g. I have: echo -ne '\033[?17;0;32c' to get a color cursor on the console on this machine. It is blue.

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    Re: Console Session Colors

    Maybe not exactly what you are looking for, but to control some color aspects of what see in a console (mostly directory and file type color assignments) there are:
    $ locate DIR_COLORS
    I have for years used and modified the DIR_COLORS file by doing:
    $ cp /etc/DIR_COLORS /home/me/.dir_colors
    You can have a field day arranging things to suit yourself by editing your .dir_colors file, which is automatically parsed when calling up an X term and I think on console also.


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