I tried to set up a Samba File Server to use it at our home and also use it to back up the few Mac-OS-driven machines we have, but I've run into a certain issue.
While the server is accessible from all our machines in the network and the extensions required for Time Machine don't create any errors (the server even show up as a mac on the Mac-OS computers), it won't show up in the backup-devices list in the Time Machine settings.
While I can access the server and it's data from other devices, including the Mac's, it isn't visible when I search for devices in the network.
All connections (accessing the files on the server) were made by entering the IP adress, the name of the server or through manually viewing the workgroup for Samba servers, but I can't "see" it.
So my bet would be that Fedora is naturally blocking the "advertising" on the network, but I have no idea how to change that.
I already allowed Samba in the firewall, that's why I can transfer the files in the first place.
I am using Fedora 28 Workstation with the KDE spin and the (currently newest) Samba version 4.8.3-2 and picture of my smb.conf is attached.
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