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    Lost Plymouth boot screen with kernels later than 4.17.3-200.fc28.i686


    On an old laptop (Toshiba Tecra), using nouveau driver with onboard Nvidia display (has never had proprietary Nvidia drivers installed)

    Kernels 4.17.4-200.fc28.i686 and 4.17.5-200.fc28.i686 do not show Plymouth boot screen theme, defaulting to "text" fallback (3 little 'progress' bars)

    Plymouth boot screen theme worked (and still works) just fine on all kernels up to and including 4.17.3-200.fc28.i686

    I've tried "obvious" troubleshooting like recreating initrd with dracut, and forcing vga=xxx modes in grub, but no joy - this has me stumped.

    What's weird is 2 things:
    [1] It has worked fine prior to these kernel updates
    [2] With the newer kernels, very occasionally, only if the laptop is not properly shut down, it will sometimes show plymouth boot correctly one time only, but reverting to 'broken' on subsequent reboots... (bizarre...)

    Point [2] leads me to suspect somehow plymouth does not have nouveau DRM mode settings drivers, or framebuffer available, because maybe the "boot order" of modules/services has altered in some way, but I don't know how to troubleshoot this. I generated a /var/log/plymouth-debug.log (attached), but can't pinpoint the issue. It has:
    [ply-device-manager.c:924]         ply_device_manager_activate_renderers:activating renderers
    [ply-boot-splash.c:479]                          ply_boot_splash_show:showing splash screen
    [./plugin.c:1610]                            show_splash_screen:loading logo image
    [./plugin.c:1614]                            show_splash_screen:loading star image
    [./plugin.c:1618]                            show_splash_screen:loading planet images
    [./plugin.c:1636]                            show_splash_screen:loading lock image
    [./plugin.c:1640]                            show_splash_screen:loading box image
    [./plugin.c:1645]                            show_splash_screen:couldn't load views
    [ply-boot-splash.c:485]                          ply_boot_splash_show:can't show splash: Success
    (this is attempting to use the "solar" theme, but default "charge" (the 'f' and filling the white 'pear' shape) doesn't work either)

    I can't figure out what is going wrong - particularly as it works fine on all but the 2 latest kernels.

    Any hints/pointers are very welcome.
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