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    Grubs mysterious way with secret swap file How to stop a 1.5minute boot time

    My desktop case had room for 6 disks and my mother board has room for 6 sata devices.
    Over time, I installed 4 additional disks onto my computer. Each disk has a different operating Linux system.

    My setup

    /dev/sda SDD 128gig Fedora28 Gnome - my production version, on which I rely
    /dev/sdb WD 1 terabyte Tumbleweed Gnome - alternative Fedora 28 Gnome when there are new software releases
    /dev/sdc WD 1 terabyte Reserved for testing and includes a clean/reformatted "biosboot, /, /home, /swap, /var and /boot". I occasionally test rawhide or other on this drive.
    /dev/sdd WD 1 terabyte Tumbleweed KDE plus my first backup
    /dev/sde WD 1 terabyte Fedora 28 KDE (pre-prod) and 2nd backup
    Each drive has a full Linux system of partitions , including it's own swap file.

    During a fresh installation of a distribution, grub recognizes that a swap file is available on an alternate location that is not part of the /etc/fstab/ entry
    grub uses that swap file as a resume swap
    grub writes the resume swap UUID or Label info into /etc/default/grub on a line that looks like the following
    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="resume=UUID=947bbc50-9689-46a8-87e0-8f9e78d4b3c5 rhgb quiet"

    In my case, my Linux on /dev/sda used a swap file that was on /dev/sdc as the restore UUID
    As noted, /dev/sdc is a drive that I wipe and reinstall test distributions. My actions resulted in a new UUID value for a reformated swap file.

    So what's the consequence?

    1) The grub.cfg file on the "linux16 line" encounters an invalid UUID= for a "restore" swap mount will stall and wait for a mount
    The reboot will be stalled for 1.5 minutes, and then continues. Suspend/hibernate will fail.
    2) There is no documentation in the install guide or release guide to indicate that a second swap file, if available, is going to be used.

    My remedy
    I created a "hibernate/suspend" swap file on /dev/sdd (same size as other swap files), and for each distribution,
    corrected the related /etc/default/grub file and subsequently ran sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
    The mkconfig process copies the contents of the "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX UUID="
    to update the "/boot/grub2/grub.cfg" file.

    Problem solved.
    Leslie in Montreal

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    Re: Grubs mysterious way with secret swap file How to stop a 1.5minute boot time

    Did you consider using one - shared swap partition for all systems instead of several swap files?

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