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    Fedora missing from UEFI boot list after entering sleep/hibernation

    I’m running 64-bit Fedora v 28 on my desktop and have an confusing anomaly.

    Over time I would get notices of OS upgrades and the box to be marked to install and did that.

    Recently, when I’ve turned off the computer and then later turn it on, it doesn’t boot.

    I have to go to the UEFI with F2, put the cursor on the 1st drive which tells me Fedora is there.

    Then I click on Exit and choose Delete Changes, at which point the boot sequence starts.

    If I leave the computer on all the time even when I’m not using it, my password(user not root) will bring it up.

    Coming to the Forum I find several members have similar problems which leads to questions.

    1. Is\will there be a v28-29 kernel to solve these problems?
    2. If the computer is on constantly how much is component life affected(variably by type) when not in use?

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    Re: Fedora missing from UEFI boot list after entering sleep/hibernation

    split to a new thread and given an appropriate title, your issue is completely different to the thread you posted in which was about a simple failure to enter standby.

    open a terminal and please post the output of efibootmgr below

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    Re: Fedora missing from UEFI boot list after entering sleep/hibernation

    Some advice I gave to another individual who dual boots

    after you boot your system, as root, run
    grub2-install /dev/sda (the drive with Fedora 28)

    It will (re)install a new mbr and uefi bit. Thereafter your system should boot.
    Leslie in Montreal

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